About Ceramist Pippa Galpin

Pippa Galpin is a self-employed ceramicist, exhibiting, undertaking residencies and teaching at Worcester University. She recently completed her PhD entitled: ‘Ceramics and the haptic; a case study sited in Worcester Cathedral’.




Pippa Galpin studied for her BA at London University and went on complete her MA in Ceramic Design at Bath Spa University.  Pippa’s recent PhD research focuses on the potential of clay to explore Worcester Cathedral from a haptic perspective. She has recently completed a two year residency at Worcester Cathedral, which culminated in an exhibition of work presented in the Cathedral. Exhibitions include her participation in Open West in Cheltenham and in Fresh 2009, British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent. 

'The haptic – and what is perceived through the sense of touch – is instrumental to how we experience ceramics and perhaps, as the oldest and the most distinctively pre-verbal of all the senses, how we understand experience itself. A sense of this, its significance and its mystery, led me to undertake my PhD at Bath Spa University (completed in October 2016) entitled: 'Ceramics and the haptic; a case study sited in Worcester Cathedral'. Very quickly, my research uncovered a problem: we do not seem to have the words to adequately talk about touch. Though we use metaphors of touch to capture and signify what we ‘feel’, information about our tactile realities often gets lost when verbalised. This I describe as the paradox of the haptic. As a ceramist, I try to bring the results of my experiential contact with clay and with the world around me, into being. In this way my ceramic pieces become touch-made-visual, pieces of embodied reality, translating them into a mode where they can be readily talked about.'